10 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India – Review

Are you looking for Bluetooth headphones but have budget constraints? Well, no need to worry when we come back again with an exclusive list of the Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 rupees in India.

If you want to make sure that you are going to buy the right Bluetooth earphone for you, which is also under 2000, your search is over because we will reveal the list. Hope you browse the entire article as we have prepared this list based on our research on audio, build quality, battery, bass, etc.

Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000

Top 10 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India

1. boAt Airdopes 171 TWS Earbuds


Like the previous BoAt Airdopes 441, this also provides a true wireless music experience with BT v5.0. BoAt Airdopes 171 is ergonomically and aesthetically designed to provide a secure fit in an extraordinary fashion with fit hooks centered around the sport.

Both earbuds are placed inside the charging case. The boAt 171 in-ear headphones are IPX4-rated splash-proof, which means dust and splash protection is guaranteed. This makes them ideal for gym use and jogging. However, at boAt 441, we see an IPX5 rating.

While the sound quality when playing music is as expected, the bass quality is also adequate. However, for normal use, it provides crystal clear and crisp sound quality during calls and music.

BoAt Airdopes’ dual wireless earbuds have 171 6mm dynamic drives to create an impressive acoustic touch with immersive sound.

BoAt 171 is blessed with a 43mAh battery on each earbud and a 380mAh massive charging case. On a single charge, the earbuds are able to deliver non-stop music for 3 hours and an additional 10 hours with the charging case.

We can charge the power case with a Type C charger. This large backup battery ensures that you never run out of charge, whether it’s stuck in traffic or in the office.

My Opinion: While it’s good at battery and audio quality, it’s fair in the bass. The safe, waterproof and lightweight IPX4 design lures sports fans towards it. Capacitive touch controls are helpful in simplifying your life. Above all, you get rid of wires from your life forever, and that too at a low price. This is best wireless earphones under 2000.


2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Earphone


Want an insane 20 hours of battery life? The super-fast charging method lets you enjoy 10 hours of music by charging the git for just 10 minutes.

With a full charge, it provides 20 hours of playtime. So, you can keep playing the music.

With insane 20-hour battery life, it’s ready before it ever is. It is ideal for people who have a lot of power outages in their area as it can last for 3 days (8 hours a day). Plus, the killer wrap charging feature is great for delivering music as quickly as possible.

If you have to leave your home in the next ten minutes, plug it in and you’ll be ready with your favorite tracks for the day.

Nobody wants to buy a wireless headphone with terrible sound quality, right? With a 9.2mm dynamic driver and superb bass fitted in every earbud, you can enjoy the rich sound and superb pitch every time you press the play button.

With convenient features such as fast switching, fast pairing, and magnetic control, listening to music has never been easier.

There is no noise cancellation or little cancellation, however, but given the price, it’s affordable.

The OnePlus Z Bluetooth headset v5.0 comes with many features. Aside from the premium look and feel, it weighs only 27 grams and is generally lightweight.

Ergonomically designed cords and earphones ensure a smooth experience without tangles. With the magnetic shell feature, the earbuds stick together when not in use, thus avoiding entanglement.

It has the possibility to switch between facility paired devices. We can switch between two devices, be it a laptop or smartphone almost instantly. You just have to press the function button twice. The in-ear headset comes in four colors with a one-year warranty.


3. Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


Frustrated by the tangle of wired earphones?

Not anymore as Realme Buds come with magnetic earbuds, which can get rid of the disgraceful screaming issues furthermore, the earbuds are sweat-proof too.

When it comes to design, realme wireless headphones are comfortable and made of high-quality silica gel and nickel-titanium memory alloys for your ultimate comfort. It’s very lightweight, too.

Realme Buds comes with an excellent neckband design, which has an 11.2mm audio player, responsible for producing great bass. It also enjoys a remote control with three buttons for music, voice assistant, and call management.

Hence, you don’t have to put your hands in your pocket to find your mobile phone to receive a call.

If you are concerned about its battery then sit back, as it comes with a large 110mAh battery that fully charges in 1.5 hours, giving you a runtime of up to 12 hours.

Not only that, but it also supports fast charging, as a short 10-minute interval charge gives you smooth music for the next 100 minutes.

Speaking of its connectivity, it’s capable of auto-on and auto-off features for seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

My Opinion: If you are looking for a lot of features in a Bluetooth headset, realme buds have got the job done for you.

It has all the necessary features such as sweat resistance, lightweight, fast charging, backup battery, magnetic buds, sound quality, and build design.

If you haven’t noticed yet, let us tell you that Realme buds wireless has the highest usage rating (4.4 / 5) among all, making it the best Bluetooth headset in India under 2000 rupees.


4. boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Ear-Buds


Don’t you want to get rid of the wires? Are you looking for the best bass headphones at the lowest price? If yes, boAt airdopes 441 qualify for it. These true wireless earbuds deliver amazing bass and are thus a good friend of bass heads.

This beautiful pair of earbuds are ergonomically and aesthetically designed to meet the needs of every music lover by offering an unusual style with proper hooks centered around the sport. Rated IPX6 for water and sweat resistance to provide care-free listening.

Every single speaker is useless so you have a huge spare battery. When it comes to boAt Airdopes 441, it helps to stay connected to Nirvana for up to 5 hours of audio per charge. Not only that, but you’ll get an additional 14 hours of gaming time with the carry case fee.

Each earbud contains a 35mAh battery, which provides 5 hours of runtime on a single charge. You can keep the earbuds inside the large 500mAh power box for charging. Also, after charging for 10 minutes, you get 35% battery

My Opinion: boAt TWS 441 is in good books when it comes to bass quality at an affordable price. Not only that, but the huge standby battery, decent sound quality, waterproof design and secure fit get you one step ahead. Above all, you get rid of wires from your life forever, and that too at a low price. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.


5. Oppo Enco M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone


Although Oppo is well known in the smartphone sector, it has proven to work well in the wireless earbuds area as well. The Oppo Enco M31 Bluetooth Headset features a lightweight, skin-friendly and comfortable liquid silicone design.

Compatible with all Android and iOs devices, Oppo M31 is IPX5 rated water and dust resistant – perfect for gym and running use. Not only do magnetic earbuds provide tangle-free listening, they also control the music magnetically. When not in use, both headphones stick together and the music stops. Just unplug them to resume music.

The multi-function button gives you everything at your fingertips. Now with sound quality, Oppo Enco M31 comes with AI noise reduction technology that can block all outside noise during calls and music. In the end, you only hear what you deserve.

Moreover, the 9mm dynamic full-range speaker delivers clear and powerful sound. Just feel the rhythm and immerse yourself in the music. With LDAC Ultra High Definition Audio transmission, now capture every beat in rich detail.

The comfort factor is also appreciated in wireless earbuds. For Oppo Enco, M31 Liquid Silicone Rubber surrounds your neck to ensure long listening hours.

The battery part is more interesting. A one-time charge means you get 12 hours of non-stop music. It’s not all about the long standby battery, but fast charging nowadays is required. You can charge Oppo M31 for 10 minutes for 180 minutes of smooth music. We charge it with a modern Type C charger.

My Opinion: Oppo M31 is an excellent choice for those looking for best wireless earphones under 2000. It has everything I expected, whether it was deep bass with high sound quality or an IPX5 rating / lightweight design.

A spare battery with fast charging is really commendable. Magnetically controlled earbuds are a bonus. Only the quality of the wire that I did not like should be handled with care. Other than that, it is one of the best-selling earbuds on Amazon India. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.


6. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphone


JBL Glide 500 is made of PP material, optimized for comfort, style, and comfort. The HD sound quality is generally good in all aspects, be it music or hands-free calling.

JBL is known for its superior sound quality on a pocket-friendly budget. When it comes to deep bass, they’ve launched the Glide Series for it. It is capable of delivering massive bass with deep, loud, and clear drops so you can enjoy your playlist to the fullest.

With a 200mAh battery, the JBL Glide 500 provides up to 20 hours of playtime under optimal settings. Not only that but the charging time is up to 2 hours as well.

Smart control buttons placed on the earbuds make your life easier by providing control over music and calls. JBL Infinity 500 allows you to connect any device via wireless Bluetooth streaming. It also supports voice assistants, too.

My Opinion: If you’re a bass fan, the JBL Glide 500 is the most likely headphone you’ll love. Not only the dual equalizer mode but the long battery life and the soft-body and lightweight earcup is something you’ll complement it on. Moreover, the call buttons, voice aid, and hands-free control will make your life easier. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.


7. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro Wireless Earphone


Packed with the latest Bluetooth v5.0, the boAt 255 pro is lightweight in design. The Qualcomm QCC3003 chipset provides high-level functionality. The attractive ergonomics and uncompromised craftsmanship make them strong and elegant in look and feel.

The Boat Rockerz 255 Pro wireless headphone comes with an IPX5 splashproof design, which means there is no fear of water and sweat. The IPX5 sweatproof design is a great feature because you don’t have to worry about it being safe to sweat during your workout, you can focus more on that.

The Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Bluetooth headset delivers a high-fidelity sound that’s powerful and clear. Thanks to the 10mm dynamic driver, the earliest deep-boosted bass are guaranteed. The highs and lows are very clear. Drivers raise the aura by reproducing the immersive sound.

No matter how good the sound quality is, the noise around you always degrades your enjoyment. BoAt pro 255 handles it with CVC noise-canceling technology. It provides a filtered music experience and eliminates noise. Hence, smooth hands-free calls are guaranteed with a clear voice.

The biggest part of boAt Rockerz 255 pro is its fast charging feature. It gives you the convenience of charging it as fast as possible and means a full charge in just one hour. The 110mAh battery is great as it provides at least 6-8 hours of backup.

Not only that but if you need some quick backup in the morning for the office or so, just plug it in for 20 minutes and it’s ready to swing for 4 hours non-stop. This is the biggest feature I could see in the Boat 255 pro wireless earphone.

My Opinion: We now know the battery is the biggest plus point. Also, HD audio quality with noise cancellation, IPX5 rating, and lightweight design are other benefits we get at this low price.

The magnetic housing is amazing and that makes it gym-ready. The bass quality is also great with highs and lows. Nevertheless, I caution against buying if you are looking to use it for games, but for regular use, the best deal for it has many benefits from a quality brand like boAt. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.


8. boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


BoAt is definitely a market leader in audio systems. In BoAt Rockerz 255, you can feel the signature sound, regardless of whether you are enjoying music or on a call.

They designed it so that you can feel High-Resolution Audio with Deep Boost Sound.

While it is lightweight in design, it comes with attractive built-in controls, which make your life easier.

You can take calls, manage audio, skip tracks, and attend calls. Not only that, one can access personal assistants who control voice like Google Now, Siri, or Cortana.

Equipped with a Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset and Bluetooth v4.1, it is able to provide a seamless connection with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

So, you will never face any problem like frequent connection and disconnection spoil your love for music.

As for the battery part, the BoAt 255 has a 110 mAh battery that supports fast charging.

Simply plug in your Bluetooth headset for 10 minutes, and prepare to listen to your favorite tracks / call your loved ones for 45 minutes.

Especially if you travel a lot or stay out of the house most of the day, this is the perfect choice for you.

Now, you must be thinking that if BoAt could do a lot for me, and that too for under 1500, it wouldn’t be neat. But to your surprise, this factor won’t disappoint you either!

It comes with attractive ergonomics with a comfortable fit, and it is made of high-quality materials including frame metals, making it strong and fashionable.

My Opinion: If you are looking for the perfect balance between sound quality, power, and style and you care about the spare battery and the budget as well, thinking too much will only waste your time.

BoAt Rockerz 255 is the best-selling Bluetooth headset on Amazon with excellent seller and user rating. Thus, you will not be disappointed in any way. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.

If something goes wrong, you can return it with a 10-day return policy too!


9. Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphone


With a metallic finish, the Mivi ThunderBeats has it all despite its low prices. The solid metal exterior looks elegant and is made of premium materials.

Mivi T-Beats has a built-in microphone with built-in controls, with which we can enjoy hands-free calls with full control over them and music as well.

It’s also IPX4 splash-proof, so it’s dust and sweat resistant. The earbuds lock when not in use, thanks to the magnetic cover feature.

Perfect high-fidelity audio during music and calls steals the show. CVC passive noise cancellation is excellent as it blocks most of the noise that will interfere with sweet music. As the name suggests, Mivi ThunderBeats lets you experience deep bass with strong highs and clear lows.

We get a 7-hour battery backup, keeping you ready for travel. You can connect two devices simultaneously within a range of 30 feet, which is evidence of the smooth range and dual connectivity. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.

My Opinion: If you are looking for an in-ear headphone with decent bass but under 1,000 rupees, then the Mivi T-beats should be in your cart. High-Resolution Audio with deep bass will hit your ears! You can enjoy up to 7 hours of battery life in addition to hands-free calling, splash-proof design, and most importantly, magnetic housing. Just work for it.


10. boAt Rockerz 600


The best I can recommend if your former doesn’t like it is the boAt Rockerz 600. Superior Bass Extra Technology creates clear, powerful bass streaming.

You can feel the wonderful HD sound quality with it. Plus, the noise cancellation is also good enough to cancel out unwanted audio cues.

From now on, the massive 450mAh battery is able to provide up to 20 hours of smooth battery life. This long battery life means you no longer have to worry about the needs of music, movies, games, or talking to your loved ones.

However, switch to the white version as the black version has less battery spare. It takes about 2 hours 35 minutes to fully charge.

The boAt Rockerz 600 headphone design is very attractive yet powerful. Comfortable ear cushions ensure long listening hours. The headband is also covered with pillows. You can fold it, which ensures easy portability and compactness.

The ear cups are rich with smart button control, giving you complete control over your music and calls. Playing or pausing, rejecting/accepting calls are just seconds.

It supports two-mode communication, which means we can use it either by wire or wirelessly.

My Opinion: If your budget is around 2000, boAt 600 is a great choice. Whether it’s bass, High-Resolution audio, massive battery backup, or dual-mode, it performs in every aspect. Above all, the material quality is excellent, it guarantees durability and can be used for years.

Easy click control will simplify your life. However, we recommend that you go to the white version instead of the black because a 20-hour battery backup is only available in the white version. This is another best wireless earphones under 2000.


11. boAt Rockerz 510 Sports Headphone


Boat Rockerz 510 is an on-ear headphone made of synthetic leather and aluminum. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, it works within 10 meters. Not only via Bluetooth, but you can use it as a wired headphone with the help of an AUX cable.

Packed with a massive 400mAh battery, one can enjoy 10 hours of smooth music/calls. The 50mm dynamic motor helps produce the legendary deep bass it is known for.

BoAt Rockerz 510 is a lightweight wireless earbud that weighs only 231 grams. This headphone is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz and the sensitivity is around 108dB.

If you are a fan of BoAt, you must be familiar with BoAt’s crystal clear sound. In BoAt Rockerz 510, its signature sound mix with extra and treble bass performance.

Not only that but the BoAt-engineered 50mm dynamic motor is ready to deliver the massive bass sound you could never imagine.

Even with a low price, BoAt spares no effort to give the industry the best clear, bass quality sound. During phone calls, it is clear and crisp.

The BoAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphone comes with a large 400mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that delivers up to 10 hours of acoustic excellence. You can enjoy music, videos, and calls all day long as it is able to connect all these things for 10 long hours.

It takes 3 hours to fully charge and up to 180 hours of standby time. We can charge it via the charging cable that comes with the box. We can say, BoAt is offering much more than expected also under Rs 1,500.

My Opinion: While the bass with HD signature sound makes it good, the noise isolation is only average. Battery life exceeds expectations even though it takes 3 hours to charge. I can say you can’t expect more from it with a price tag of around 1500, and that’s also from BoAt.

If you’re a fan of the bass, there’s no other option in this budget. Moreover, other features make it perfect in your cart soon.


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