Best Water Bottle Review in Hindi 2021 – Buying Guide

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Hello friends, summer has started in India, as you all know this year summer is going to be very hot. Obviously, you must have started using your home cooler, air conditioner, refrigerator etc. The thing that gives the most comfort in summer is a cold water bottle. When we come to our house battling the scorching sun, our first demand is for cold water. After drinking cold water, the mind and soul get a different relaxation, which cannot be described in words.

But these days there is a situation of lockdown due to Coronavirus Kovid-19, due to which you are not able to shop for summer items. If you are also thinking of keeping a water bottle in your refrigerator, but you do not have a water bottle with you, and you can not buy it even by going to the market because most of the market has this. Time has stopped. But now you have no need to worry. You can order water bottles online from Amazon or other e-commerce websites at very cheap prices sitting at home.

Which water bottle should I buy?

Friends, we often do not take care of some things while buying a water bottle, which can prove to be very harmful for our health and the health of our children. Just to save some money we buy cheap bottles which is absolutely wrong, somewhere you are also aware that cheap things always prove to be harmful as there is a saying “Cheap weep bar- cry bar aur expensive once” So do not play with your children and your health, and buy a good quality water bottle this summer season.

1. Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask, 1000 ml, Silver


This is a Combo Pack from Milton, which contains two bottles of 1 liter and half litre. The information given on the Amazon website about this combo pack from Milton claims that the beverage in this bottle remains hot or cold for 24 hours. The MRP of this combo pack is Rs 1,490 but in a special offer Amazon is providing you this combo pack for just Rs 1,138.


2. MILTON Flip Lid 500 Stainless Steel Water Bottle 


This is a very stylish-looking thermosteel bottle from Milton Company. The storage capacity of this bottle is 500 ml. This is an Amazon Choice product. It has got a high rating of 4.4. The MRP of this product is Rs 793 but you are getting a discount of about 30 percent on Amazon. This means that you can buy this bottle for Rs 579.


3. Milton Elfin Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle


This thermosteel bottle from Milton is perfect for young children. Apart from this, it is also suitable for holding tea. Its storage capacity is 160 ml. The MRP of this product is Rs 436 but you can buy it for Rs 329 in Deal of the Day. In this way, 25% of your money will be saved.


4. Cello Flip Style Stainless Steel, 1 Liter, Silver


This is an Amazon Choice product. It has got a rating of 3.9 on Amazon. This is a bottle with a storage capacity of one liter. The MRP of this product is Rs 906 but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs 679.


5. Cello Swift Steel Flask, 1 Litre, Silver


This steel flask of Cello company has a storage capacity of one liter. It is made of thermos steel technology and high-quality steel. The MRP of this product is Rs 1,036 but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs 879.


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