10 Best Budget Gaming Chairs in India – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

If you are literally thinking about the gaming chair india, you should consider the fact that whatever time you spend at your computer, this is the time you need to sit in a chair, so you should have a chair that you can spend a lot of time on, okay to have a break, You don’t need to have this chair, because now it makes sense that you need to find something comfortable and high-quality.

gaming chair india

Finding a gaming chair in India is no easy task, so here we are with the 10 best gaming chairs for you to choose from. We made the title cheap does not mean that this chair is made of cheap materials but rather means “affordable” for the Indian audience, as the big companies like GTRacing Pro, Secretlab Titan, Vertagear Racing Series, and gt racing Gaming are not easily available in India and one may run into problems In future service if he takes into account.

Before that, one must ask why do you really need a gaming chair why you can’t just go with your regular chair, so the thing is that gaming chairs contain such components that you only realize their importance when you have such a neck or say a headrest that provides Rest fit your neck, then there is lumbar support to cushion your back. If you are used to sitting in a bad position, office chairs will feel more comfortable – at first. This is because the body gets used to sitting in a certain way. With chronic bad posture, slouching becomes the comfort zone.

Results of chronic bad posture. Let’s talk about gaming chairs from the top to the bottom of the chair first. The only thing that comes to every buyer’s mind is what is the difference in upgrading from a regular chair to a “gaming chair”. As for players who are early in their broadcasting careers, they also have to take care of their body. Being a professional player, one is supposed to grind day and night He sits in a chair and if this chair is uncomfortable, it may start to cause back pain, bad sitting posture, and many other things,

So it is best to look for a longer period while starting the gaming journey and make it as smooth as possible for yourself so that when you are about to win a decisive match, there is no silly reason to start bidding, and that something went wrong with a chair or so. These gaming chairs are not only for gamers but also for office goers who grind all day at a computer and this will aid in productivity that gets good performance results in your work.

Best Gaming Chair in India

1) Green Soul-Beast Series GS-600 (Gaming Chair India)


It’s the younger brother of our favorite GS-734 Monster. This monster chair offers you a look similar and distinctive to its older brother. It also has a breathable material that allows airflow which provides a cool and comfortable sitting position and keeps the air flowing across your back. It comes with a waist pillow to support your back and neck pillow.

The cover is PU leather again although the leather-covered area is not much and most of the chair is covered by soft fabric. What you miss about this chair is that it does not go up to 180 degrees but nevertheless, you can make it up to 105 degrees which is enough for comfortable seating and it is also not fully adjustable as you cannot adjust the armrests in all dimensions. But if you are looking for a gaming chair that offers enough seating, you can consider it.

  • Comes with the butterfly mechanism
  • Comes in 6 different colour [which are merged with black only]


    2) Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair (Gaming Chair India)


    It is a very luxurious looking chair, as it is completely covered in red and black leather and gives you the feeling of sitting in a sports car seat. It’s a comfortable gaming chair covered in luxurious, breathable PU leather with freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow that protects the spine and neck. The locking tilt is easy to adjust with the reclining angle adjuster for comfort and to relieve your tiredness and pressure while playing or working for a long time.

    It’s a thickly cushioned racing chair for maximum comfort. This chair is designed with a human-oriented ergonomic structure that lasts a long time, the gaming chair has a heavy-duty metal base pass BIFMA with 360-degree swivel wheels and nylon, rolling 100000, has great stability and mobility. Just like the others, this also comes with neck support and a back cushioning pad for lower back support. So if you are looking for a leather chair you can choose this one. Best gaming chair india

    • It is both office and gaming chair
    • Gives everything at a lesser price
    • Large size lumbar pillow
    • Armrest is a bit smaller than its competitors


    3) Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608 (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    It tops the list as one of the best chairs available in India. This high-end chair sets the standard for gaming chairs. Ergonomically designed gaming chair, the product features 360 ° swivel, adjustable height, and retractable footstool The chair is made of high-quality PU leather and is equipped with large and soft handrails that can be height adjustable. The thick, high-density sponge will give you a comfortable cushioning experience and the wide backrest will give you better support.

    The waist pillow is equipped with a USB massage function also known as a massage pillow [lumbar support] You can just put the USB cable on your computer and enjoy a back massage while playing your favorite games and it is also an adjustable waist pillow. After back angle adjustment from 90 to 180 degrees, the chair will meet your different needs for working, playing, resting and massage, and it is equipped with a head cushion or can say neck rest. It’s a gaming chair with a footrest that makes a difference from other gaming chairs as you can literally take a nap when you’re at 180 degrees with this footrest. If someone is looking for the best office gaming chair, they should definitely consider this.

    • It comes with a footrest
    • Come with a inbuilt massager in lumbar support
    • Bucket seat
    • If not satisfied, one can return it within one month of purchase
    • Comes with 2 years of warranty


    4) Green Soul Monster Series GS-734 (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    If you are looking for a mesh gaming chair, this Monster chair gives you the most comfortable and feature-rich at a fair price, on top of that looks good too. It is more breathable than the leather chair because it comes with a soft, breathable fabric that allows airflow that provides a cool and comfortable sitting position and keeps air flowing on your back to improve air circulation, and prevent heat build-up on top of that, the lumbar cushion gives a cushioning effect on your lower back and fills the space between them.

    The chair cover material is made of high-quality PU leather as well as PVC leather and the fabric used is Spandex. Another good thing about this chair is that it is adjustable, every part of the gaming chair fits perfectly with your body type and height. More specifically, you can adjust the office chair height, backrest tilt, back pressure, and armrests, and the armrests can be adjusted to 4 dimensions, i.e. height adjustment, side to side adjustment, angle adjustment, front-back adjustment, and all these practical mechanisms are easy to control In it and reset it. Best gaming chair india

    • Comes with 3 years warranty
    • Every part is adjustable
    • Breathable fabric
    • Comes with a lot of different colours to choose from [which are merged with black only]
    • After a few months you might notice some negligible sound, only once when you sit.


    5) GAMING CHAIR GENESIS NITRO 880 (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    It is new in India but the product they offer deserves to be on the top ten list. The Genesis Nitro 550 is a chair that offers every gamer the utmost comfort, even the most demanding. The body of the Nitro550 is made from durable, high-quality metal. The structure made of this material ensures high damage resistance and guarantees years of operation.

    Moreover, the chair frame contains a Class 4 gas lift, which can bear up to 150kg. Thanks to these solutions, Nitro 550 is a very good choice for almost every gamer. It connects to leather trim and leather back with a black carbon pattern, giving the seat an aggressive gaming feel. The Nitro 550 features a combination of high comfort with many functions. The Nitro 550 features a 180-degree adjustable backrest angle.

    The seat upholstery is filled with high-quality soft foam, it is 4cm thick in the backrest and 7cm in the seat. Furthermore, both the seat and backrest are designed correctly to ensure maximum comfort and support for the player’s spine. Nitro 550 is covered with durable matte nylon at the front and high-quality eco-leather on the back. Additionally, there are two soft pillows – one as a headrest and the other with adjustable straps to support the right portion of the spine and improve comfort.

    • It is able to up to 150 kilograms of weight
    • High quality material
    • Comes in 4 different colours to chose form
    • 3D armrest


    6) Hi-Plus Esports Racing Style High Back Gaming Chair (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    The Hi-Plus Esports Gaming Chair is dedicated to making the best gaming chair for professional gamers. This office chair has a beautiful and strong practical ability. Comes with large pillows with a headrest to make you feel relaxed and the lumbar cushion provides extra support and comfort.

    It can swing and swing 90 ° – 180 ° and 360 ° rotate just like its other competitors. The chair has foldable armrests in contrast to the black color, along with locking height control. Made of high-quality soft PU leather. Overall, this chair also gives you everything you need in a gaming chair. Best gaming chair india

    • It features one of the highest backrest in class of 85cm
    • Comes at a lower price
    • The back rest cover is Elastic Fabric
    • The armrest is just lift able and rotatable


    7) Circle Gaming / Office Chair (CH70 Black) (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    The circle has made a brand in its own right for its high-end product but things like this don’t come at the usual price. This circular gaming chair is designed to transform your gaming room into one elegant place with a special feature of adjustable backrest angle which can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees.

    Experience the gaming chair with strong muscle lines carved across the bucket seat, winged shoulders, and firm padding in the contact areas that support your body. It can be tilted so you can improve comfort as you like, and the height can be adjusted with the gas lift. Feel the softness of the PVC leather for better comfort. This gaming chair will ensure you sit comfortably for hours of gaming.

    • Comes with butterfly mechanism
    • Over all built quality is better than its competitors
    • It is not considered as a con but yes it is a all leather chair, so bit less breathable


    8) Green Soul PU Leather Racer Series Gaming/Ergonomic Chair (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    As you now know, Green Soul is working with the most advanced manufacturers to bring you a unique range of world-class seat products since this is the third seat for Green Spirit to make on our list. Like the rest, it comes with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow included with the chair for maximum comfort. This gaming chair fits best and provides a great experience for intense gaming moments and comfortable sitting during busy workdays.

    Chair face, back, and side are upholstered in PU leather with a large bucket seat and winged shoulders to provide not only an attractive look but also to improve your comfort. The 4D armrests can be adjusted with a 3D carbon surface and ergonomic shape with four dimensions – height adjustment, side-to-side adjustment, angle adjustment, and rear part adjustment. Best gaming chair india

    • Premium quality PU leather
    • The black and gold look is really attractive
    • It doesn’t come with a lumbar pillow, so you have buy it afterwards


    9) Green Soul Conqueror Series Gaming/Desk Chair in GS-500 (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    This gaming chair features a sturdy frame that provides great stability. It can also be used as an office chair as it features a high-density sponge for comfort. Al Fateh features materials such as high-quality mesh and PU leather. All this combined with the wide padding provides a comfortable seating experience.

    The spacious seat and stylish appearance of this chair make it an ideal choice for a game room, office, or company meeting room. This chair provides exceptional airflow. It also supports the spine, shoulders, and neck with a padded headrest and windows. The wide and thick armrests of this chair have an ergonomic shape. The support provided by the armrests helps you work comfortably by preventing fatigue.

    • Gaming chair for such a low price
    • Side windows for the air flow
    • Misses the adjustable arm rest and lumbar support


    10) Green Soul Alien Series PU Leather and Mesh Gaming/Desk Chair GS 720 (Gaming Chair India)

    Gaming Chair India


    This chair is designed with a cushioned headrest for better comfort. The stylish windows integrated into the chair also facilitate efficient airflow to keep you cool while playing games. Good brown and it is PU leather. You can work long hours comfortably while sitting in this chair.

    It comes with an adjustable lumbar support pillow to provide enough comfort for your back. This chair features wide and thick armrests with soft padding so you can comfortably rest your arms. This chair features 50mm PU castors for easy maneuverability. Best gaming chair india

    • Being a Green soul chair it comes with a 3-year warranty
    • As the chair is of lesser price but the padded material and built quality is still optimum
    • Misses the adjustable armrest and lumbar support


    Features to look for in a gaming/office chair

    Investing a large sum in a gaming computer or laptop and other gaming peripherals has become a common occurrence among young adults and gamers today.

    Playing games for extended periods of time on your PC is fun, but have you ever wondered about the losses to your back, neck and shoulders. You might not realize it right away, but long-term collateral damage can be annoying.

    The best solution should be to invest more money in purchasing the perfect gaming chair to support your spine and frame. Focusing on the following aspects can help you get the best gaming chair.

    Rest for your back

    No two people have the same spinal structure. Maintaining good posture is essential for the development of the spine. Sitting for long hours on a sofa or regular chair can put tremendous pressure on your spine.

    Hence, you should choose a gaming chair that provides the utmost comfort for your spine.

    The human spine is not a straight “stern”. It’s more like an S-shaped curve. Therefore, your gaming chair should have a similar arch to properly support the back.

    It’s best to look for gaming chairs that have foam cushions on the bottom, just above the seating position.

    This arrangement can adapt to the position of your spine and provide the best degree of comfort.

    Support for neck and shoulders

    As you get more excited when playing your favorite action-packed games, you start straining your shoulders and neck. They need the right kind of support.

    Gaming chairs with adjustable neck and shoulder pads should be perfect. These extra pillows help prevent damage to the delicate neck muscles and shoulder joints.

    Support your knees, hips, ankles, and arms

    Sitting for long hours in a gaming chair or desk can put tremendous pressure on your knees, hips, and ankles. When choosing the ideal gaming chair, you must check whether the seat is ideal for your height and weight.

    The seat should be such that your knees are completely aligned with your feet being able to touch the ground. If your feet remain hanging in the air, this causes severe stress to your thighs and ankles.

    Generally speaking, gaming chairs come with hydraulic seat adjustments that allow you to change the seat height according to your requirements. If no such arrangement is available, your gaming chair must have a footrest to enable you to place your feet.

    It is best if you invest in a gaming chair that has adjustable armrests.

    Your hands need a lot of support when you sit in the chair for long hours hammering a gaming keyboard. The right type of armrest reduces the stress on your elbows and wrists to provide the perfect support for your arms.

    Carrying Capacity

    It is recommended that you take a look at the gaming chair carrying capacity before purchasing it. Generally speaking, Indian males weigh about 65 kg to 95 kg.

    Hence, a chair that holds around 110kg should be perfect. If you are taller or have a more bulky build, you can choose a chair that can handle up to 140 kg or 150 kg.

    Ease of movement

    Office and game chairs come with swivel wheels that allow freedom of movement. You must ensure that these wheels are strong enough to support your weight. Additionally, it should not be stiff enough to damage your floors.

    Ideally, the best gaming chair is one that comes with five swivel wheels as it helps balance your weight properly.

    Free air circulation

    The cushions and fabrics used on the chair must be breathable to allow free air circulation.

    The gaming chairs come with high-quality leather upholstery that allows easy air circulation, thus providing optimum comfort.


    Gaming chairs come in various budgets ranging from 5,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees or more. Depending on your budget constraints, you can choose the perfect chair. However, you should make sure that your comfort levels are placed above budget. As it stands, you are spending more than Rs.1 lakh on computers and gaming accessories. Spending more shouldn’t be an issue at all.

    Frequently asked questions about the best gaming chairs india

    1. What are the most important things to look for in a gaming chair india?

    Your gaming chair should have an ergonomic design. Besides providing support for your lower back and spinal cord, it should be comfortable for your shoulders, neck, knees, ankles, hips and hands. Ease of movement is also a critical factor. The best gaming chair for the position is one in which you sit up straight and still reach for a gaming keyboard with minimal effort.

    2. How does the gaming chair support the back?

    In general, humans have an S-shaped spine. Sitting in a chair with a straight back can place tremendous stress on your spine. The gaming chairs are designed to match the shape of your spine. Hence, it provides excellent support for your back.

    3. Why do many gaming chairs have perforations?

    Perforations in the gaming chair allow air to circulate freely while you are sitting on it for long periods. Some gaming chairs come with breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate easily.

    4. What are the immediate benefits of using a gaming chair?

    Besides providing adequate support for your back and shoulders when playing for long hours, these gaming chairs encourage good sitting habits. The ergonomic design should be such that it alters bad sitting habits and teaches you how to maintain the correct posture.

    5. How much does the Cost of a gaming chair India?

    It mainly depends on the features you have on the gaming chair India. Ideally, a good gaming chair India should be available in the range of Rs 5,000 to 20,000.

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